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Manufacture of machine parts using CNC technology - Fémforgtech Kft.

Manufacture of machine parts from tool steel, aluminum, plastic or stainless steel using CNC technology

Our company was funded end of 2011, we opened the location in Újhatvan in october 2012. Since 2013 we invested in several machines. As a result, we continue our activities in Hatvan Industrial Park owned by our factory.

Our company produces parts - based on technical documentation and sample parts - with tool steel, aluminum, plastic (eg. POM, PA, PE, PEEK, ZX-100) or stainless steel with CNC technology.

Typically we are producing individual parts, but we have enough technical capacity to produce series of more ten to hundred parts.

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CNC milling

CNC turning

Surface grinding

Mantle grinding




Assembly, maintenance

Surface treatment


Our machines

Our machines

CNC milling, CNC turning, surface grinding, EDM, drilling, cutting, metal cleaning, surface treatment



We have enough capacity for individual parts production, but also for tens and hundreds of series production.

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